Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Breakfast Club Assignment

You are going to convey what you know about Marcia and the Breakfast Club by filling out a chart.  This assignment will be worth 20 points.

1.  Please click on this link to get to the assigned format.  You can either copy the template directly or go to google docs and recreate your own.

2.  At the top, please write a brief explanation of Marcia's theory in general.

3.  In each box in the chart, explain the premise of an "identity outcome."

4.  In each box, list a character is in that identity outcome, and provide and explain two specific pieces of evidence to support that theory.

Although this is in chart form, YOU MUST WRITE IN FULL SENTENCES.  It is likely that your chart will go onto a second page.  That is entirely fine.

5.  When you have completed the chart, please share it with me at, making sure your "sharing" settings are set so that I can EDIT it.

Enjoy your break!