Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Historical Perspectives on Psychology

Playing a little catch up with this post.

1.  You should be familiar with Freud's division of the mind.

2.  You should have a basic understanding of Freud's psychosexual stages of development.  If you missed the discussion in class, read the second half of the Freud packet, and answer the questions found here.

3.  We will be learning about Defense Mechanisms in class.  I will update this post to include the keynote presentation.

3a.  Here's the keynote on Defense Mechanisms:

4.  We will also be talking about the behavioral perspective.  You have been given an edited version of the article Behaviourism: The Early Years, by Robert Wozniak.  It can be found at the link in an unedited version.  Here are the accompanying questions, which are due on Monday, October 1st (for block 3) and Friday, September 28th (blocks 4 and 6).

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