Thursday, February 14, 2013

Learning and Memory Syllabus

Sorry for the delay in getting this up.  Here is the Learning and Memory Syllabus.  The link brings you to the assignment schedule for all three psychology classes, so make sure you're checking the correct one.

In class the week of Feb 11 we reviewed the following things:

Classical Conditioning, more specifically the terms Unconditioned Stimulus, Unconditioned Response, Conditioned Stimulus, Conditioned Response.

We talked about Operant Conditioning, and the differences between Positive Reinforcement, Negative Reinforcement, and Punishment.

Finally, we covered information on Schedules of Reinforcement, including Fixed-Ratio, Variable-Ratio, Fixed-Interval, and Variable-Interval Schedules

If you missed any of these things, you should get the notes from a classmate and get the practice sheets from me in class. We will begin a project shortly after break that requires you to understand and be able to use these terms.

Have a good vacation!  See you when we return!

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