Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Adolescence, Identity and The Breakfast Club

Here are the slides from the adolescence keynote.  Focus most of Marcia's theory of identity development.  Additionally, the Breakfast Club assignment is posted below.


Breakfast Club Test Essay

 Please briefly explain each of Marcia’s four identity outcomes.  In each case, try to give an example of a character from the Breakfast Club who is in this identity state.  If you don’t think that there are any characters in this identity outcome, pick a character who seems “close” and explain why you don’t think that they fall squarely in the category.

Be sure to give at least one SPECIFIC EXAMPLE from the movie to back up your ideas.  While you don’t have to have direct quotations, you need to be able to reference specific scenes/moments from the movie that really exemplify why the character is in your chosen identity outcome.  You will need to explain and relate those examples to your ideas.

This will be the only written question on the Development Test on January 13.

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